Try These Out-of-the-Ordinary Team-Building Activities

Try These Out-of-the-Ordinary Team-Building Activities

Although some professionals may believe team-building activities are worthy of little more than eye rolls, we know better. Lakeside Events is run by a vibrant group of people, and we love gatherings that bring us closer. When leaders are creative in their planning, they can host activities that everyone enjoys. Here are some unique possibilities:

  • Building: We aren’t referring to the theoretical nature of constructing a team here. We’re referring to the physical act of building something. All it takes is a few lowcost itemsuncooked spaghetti, some marshmallows, string, and tape. Give your people 15-20 minutes to construct something fabulous together. Doing so will encourage innovative thinking, fun, and cooperation.

  • Cooking: Sharing meals has a way of bringing people together, and group cooking efforts maximize the effect. We regularly meet outside the Lakeside Events workplace to create new and exciting meals. You may want to assign themes to yours. Think ethnic food, summer salads, soups, pizzas, or holiday options. You can even enjoy the leftovers back at work!

  • Gaming: Whether video games or board games, there are few better ways to spark some friendly competition. Even better, options such as “Taboo” and “Heads Up” encourage collaboration. They also invite people to think carefully to solve a problem when offered limited information.

These Lakeside Events team-building techniques keep us close in and out of the workplace. Check out our Newswire for more details about these activities.