Team Spotlight on Kaylie, Top Leader

Team Spotlight on Kaylie, Top Leader

We think our Lakeside Events office is where leaders are born. After all, we invest in their professional development and anticipate their rise to new levels. One of our associates, Kaylie, is on the cusp of ascending to a higher leadership role.

“Kaylie is very close to becoming an assistant manager,” said Ellen Denton, our Lakeside Events Director of Operations. “She’s grown quite quickly within our business and we’re pleased to see her take the next step in our career track.”

As Ellen explained, Kaylie has been steadily demonstrating her leadership chops within the Lakeside Events operation. “We have 25 people in our office, three-quarters of whom are on Kaylie’s team. Their success reflects Kaylie’s determination and efforts. She goes above and beyond on any task she is given.”

Kaylie is an example of the type of individual who forms the foundation of our firm. “We seek bright people with a zest for success in all that they do,” Ellen said. “Our associates routinely raise the bar for themselves. As such, they deliver outstanding results in terms of effective campaigns for the brands we represent. Kaylie epitomizes the level of confident leadership we hope to see all of our people advance to at Lakeside Events.”

We salute Kaylie and all our all-star team. Check out our Newswire to see who is featured in our spotlight next.