Pleasant People Rise to the Top of Their Professions

Pleasant People Rise to the Top of Their Professions

One of the surest ways to fast-track your career is to be a friendly person. Competency and reliability are important as well, but most people recognize the importance of these traits. To give yourself an edge, Lakeside Events leaders strive to add a pleasing personality to our proficiency and punctuality.

For instance, we look for chances to do small favors for one another. Around the Lakeside Events office, this is understood to mean a favor that will take five minutes or less to accomplish, and does not require repayment. Being that type of person will make you memorable in the best way possible.

Also, share the positive experiences in your life with others. Not only will you be sharing your joy, this is a way for you to practice gratitude as well.

Similarly, when those around you share their happiness, react with genuine excitement. Scientists have a name for this. It’s called active and constructive responding, or ACR, and it’s a data-supported way to create strong connections and feel better about life in general.

Perhaps the most powerful way to become more likeable is to express your admiration for other people. If you respect someone’s accomplishments, make sure to let them know. You might even ask them out to coffee to ask them a few questions. They’ll appreciate your respect and sincerity, and you’ll learn valuable information.

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