Some Options to Make Commuting More Productive

Some Options to Make Commuting More Productive

It might be a stretch to say that we love commuting, but with a little ingenuity we’ve found several ways to enjoy it. These are a few of the Lakeside Events strategies for enjoying the rides to and from the office.

The first step is to decide what our Lakeside Events commuting plans are going to be. Being prepared to accomplish whatever it is we decide to tackle during our commutes is a huge first step toward making sure our travel time is productive.

From there, it all becomes a little easier. Say, for example, we’ve decided to use our commutes to plan our daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Whether we drive or ride, we first choose the tools that will help us accomplish our goals. Those of us who take public transport have more options in this area, and can actually look at apps like Google Calendar, or a combination of apps like and Cal.

Another popular Lakeside Events option is learning about the latest happenings in our industry, business in general, or our personal passion projects. Podcasts and audiobooks are obviously useful for this, and they cover every topic imaginable. A lesser known but extremely cool feature for Mac users is the option to add written documents to iTunes as spoken tracks. If we open a PDF in Preview, select an amount of text, and then right-click, we can have that text read back to us later (in a variety of voices and sounds – some more practical than others).

These are just a couple of the ways that we’ve managed to make commuting more enjoyable.