How to Motivate Yourself at Work and Stay Energized

How to Motivate Yourself at Work and Stay Energized

While most days we’ve brought our A game to work, we still have moments where time moves at a glacial pace or our motivation to complete an assignment diminishes. Around our Lakeside Events workplace, we’ve discussed some practices that we can employ to banish the office doldrums and accomplish our objectives. Here are three tips that tend to be quite effective:

• Switch Up Your View: It’s surprising how a new location can make a difference in how we look at an issue. One of the practices we might try in our Lakeside Events office is to switch up where we sit if we’re stuck on a project. Taking a brisk walk outside also clears our heads and allows us to see things from a diverse perspective.

• Work in Bursts: One technique that can motivate us is to set a timer for a short period, like 30 to 45 minutes. During that time, we will not be distracted by anything, just focused on our job. When the timer is off, we take a short break and resume or move on to another project.

• Incentivize Yourself: While our Lakeside Events rewards and recognition program is quite generous, sometimes small yet personal motivations can re-energize us and provide additional stamina. For example, we might bribe ourselves with a special treat to complete a task.

Motivational practices are essential in professional settings.