Ideas for Companies to Make a Charitable Difference

Ideas for Companies to Make a Charitable Difference

We weave giving into our Lakeside Events operations by taking part in giveback events throughout the year. These are a few of the best ways we’ve found for companies to make an impact:

• Sponsorship: There are plenty of chances in most areas to sponsor pee-wee basketball and T-ball teams, but many other options exist as well. A local theater would put a company name and logo on their playbill if the firm helped sponsor their season, for example.

• Provide Free Services: As interactive marketers, we understand the power of connecting goods and services with the public. We use our expertise to get the word out about causes and events. Other industries have the same power – for instance, an accounting firm could offer free help during tax season, or dry cleaners could take part in clothing drives by making sure all donated items are cleaned.

• Get the Team Involved: Some of the most effective Lakeside Events team-building experiences result from getting together as a group and giving back. Whether it’s running a 5K or packing lunches for those in need of meals, we enjoy our careers even more after we’ve gotten involved in benefits together.

Any company, from a single-person start-up to a multinational, can make a difference in the community.