Great Success Is Built on Great Decisions

Great Success Is Built on Great Decisions

Learning how to make good choices is arguably the foundation of success, which makes decision-making skills an important topic for our Lakeside Events coaches to cover. These are some bits of advice we share with our new associates (and even remind each other of from time to time).

First, association is incredibly important. We appreciate spending time with people who are just as excited and passionate about their careers as we are. We’ve purposely created a positive, encouraging Lakeside Events culture because we know that optimism attracts opportunity. When we are enthusiastic, empowered, and motivated, great things happen.

Another important success strategy is choosing to become a better listener. Rather than indulging in a passive activity, we strive to be active listeners. We listen for more than just words and seek meaning in what we hear, taking in nonverbal cues along with the verbal messages.

Finding joy in life is another choice we make every day. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” We try to make happy our default status. Not only do we just generally enjoy life more, we find that choosing to be cheery gives us greater energy to reach our goals.

By making these choices we know we are inviting success into our lives. For more Lakeside Events success strategies, find us on Newswire.