How to Give Back Without Busting Your Budget

How to Give Back Without Busting Your Budget

More and more professionals are realizing that social responsibility is good for business. This is especially the case for small, community-oriented companies. For instance, social giving attracts potential consumers, partners, and team members to Lakeside Events. These perks come along with the great feeling of creating a positive impact.

Of course, it’s a well-known fact that most small businesses don’t have big budgets that allow for extravagant philanthropic gifts. Luckily, it’s quite possible to make a difference without an abundance of financial resources. It all begins with proper planning. For instance, our Lakeside Events goal-setting processes help us decide what we want to do to help local nonprofits – and how we will do it. This way, we allow ourselves plenty of time and direction to make it happen.

Our leaders also encourage us to do volunteer work. Offering our skills – or simply our grit – to worthy causes makes minimal impact on the Lakeside Events budget and an immense difference in our community. Running food, book, clothing, and toy drives are also helpful ways to extend our goodwill.

Just about every business needs office supplies. When it’s time to order more paper, staples, or ink, teams can buy from small-scale vendors in their areas. Doing so keeps the local economy in shape and opens doors to business partnerships. Maybe you and your supplier can eventually work together to sponsor a youth sports team or other community event!

Keep these budget-friendly giveback strategies in mind as you prepare to make in impact in your region. Like us on Facebook for more philanthropic insights.