Get in the Groove of Giving Back With These Steps

Get in the Groove of Giving Back With These Steps

Giving back is second nature in our Lakeside Events culture. We believe in supporting the communities in which we live and doing good for others all year long. As such, we’ve identified a process by which we decide on which causes to support and how we might contribute. Here are the steps we take to make philanthropy work.

The first step is to select a cause. There are two viewpoints to consider: the company and the team. From a company standpoint, it’s important that the causes Lakeside Events promotes are aligned with our vision and values. Savvy companies know to tie in their philanthropy with their brand image and business. For example, if a firm was primarily doing local business, the best option would be to contribute to community organizations that are familiar to their customer and partner bases. Another is to tie support to a shared business goal. A company that sells pet supplies might raise money for an animal shelter.

No matter what charity is selected, proper vetting is critical to ensure its operations are fully legitimate and helping the most people.

Team buy-in is important for success in giving back. In our Lakeside Events office, we discuss options with our people and ask them to share what causes matter to them. We include them in the planning process, helping us decide if we are raising funds, doing a supply drive, or volunteering.

We are inspired by our philanthropic efforts