How to Get Comfortable With Discomfort

How to Get Comfortable With Discomfort

The importance of calculated risks and how to encourage our associates to take them comes up during our Lakeside Events meetings, and through discussion we’ve identified a few initial steps that make the process easier. Here’s how we teach our team members to get comfortable stepping outside their comfort zones:

• Muster Your Courage: There’s no denying that risk, however calculated, can be frightening. The very first thing we recommend to our colleagues is to reflect on why they want to succeed. When we understand the why behind our need to stretch ourselves, the courage to do so will present itself.

• Muscle Past the Discomfort: No matter how focused we are on our goal, the first few moments of a novel situation are likely to be a little uncomfortable. This is more than okay; it’s actually a good thing! Feeling a bit awkward is a part of the growth process. Just keep in mind that feeling uncomfortable is only temporary.

• Be Prepared: Practice and planning are always helpful when getting ready to try something new. At the very least, if you imagine a best-case scenario repeatedly, you’ll know what success looks like and pursue that as your end result.

These three guidelines – muster your courage, expect discomfort, and spend time preparing – will make it possible for even the timidest of souls to try something new.