Clear Communication Strategies to Advance Your Career

Clear Communication Strategies to Advance Your Career

When it comes to advancing our careers, there is no substitute for hard work. Other factors can help or hinder our efforts though, and one of the most important of these is our ability to communicate clearly. These are some Lakeside Events tips for improving our communication skills:

• Opt for Simple Language When Possible: We keep our Lakeside Events conversations as free from the latest buzzwords and industry jargon as possible, because they rarely make our point any easier to understand. Straightforward messages are much more likely to be understood and acted on.

• Take Care With Euphemisms: No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but trying too hard to make a thumbs down sound good will likely lead to confusion, and could produce sour feelings as well. Tact is always appropriate, but too much sugar coating could decrease the effectiveness of a message.

• Mixed Metaphors Make a Mess: One of the funniest examples of this can be found in the first “Austin Powers” movie. When talking about a decision he later came to regret, and no longer had the power to change, Powers said, “Unfortunately, that train has sailed.” If they’re required at all, metaphors should be used sparingly. Also…

• Beware Clichés: It sounds cool to say that something is on our radar, but radar isn’t really a thing for anyone except air traffic controllers. Other overused phrases include par for the course, low-hanging fruit, thrown under the bus, and get the ball rolling.

Hard work supported by clear communication skills is certain to move any career forward.