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Lakeside Events, Inc. is not a conglomerate of nameless people who are no more than cogs in a machine. We are a community of professionals with passions and goals, who are led by example and offered accessible guidance. As members of our team, everyone’s ideas are valued.


Business-oriented, tech-savvy collaborators fit well with our
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Lakeside Events, Inc. doesn’t waste time with dusty manuals and old training videos. Our managers help new hires get their hands dirty from day one! They get acquainted with the products we promote, interact with the public, and begin learning the essentials of dynamic marketing and acquiring the best practices of presentation and outreach.


Our Lakeside Events, Inc. managers begin their careers on the ground floor, just like everyone who joins our team. They know what it takes to develop the skills and knowledge base to produce successful campaigns, and they’re with new individuals each step of the way. With manager feedback and our friendly atmosphere, these associates comfortably flex their marketing and consulting muscles.


Our affinity for collaboration sets Lakeside Events, Inc. apart from other on-site marketing firms. Our team-driven workplace brings everyone together to progress toward common goals. Every team member is inspired to pursue his or her own ambitions at the same time. When one of us wins, we all do. This sense of camaraderie cannot be beaten.


Lakeside Events, Inc. is full of pro travelers. Whether flying to an exotic destination to attend a retreat or hitting the road for a regional training, our people have opportunities to explore the world while growing closer to their colleagues. It’s the least we can do to reward our associates’ hard work.


Our branding specialists take advantage of possibilities to network with industry leaders. Through functions such as conferences, we get to know marketing and consulting professionals from across the nation. These interactions bring renewed self-confidence and opportunities for career growth. Networking is a primary driver of success.

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Lakeside Events career opportunities allow individuals to shape professional futures that align with their core values. Each path is tailor-made. To learn about available opportunities please send cover letter and resume to careers@lakesideeventsinc.com

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