The Lakeside Events, Inc.

On-Site Marketing Approach

You are the expert behind your product, and Lakeside Events, Inc. is your go-to marketing and consulting resource. Our branding specialists will learn all there is to know about your brand, and apply that knowledge to our interactive marketing model.

We don’t stop with learning about your business. We will also research your target audience to determine how, where, and when to elicit the best response. These efforts will maximize your investment and get people talking.

Crossing paths with over 1,000 people daily – and up to 20,000 during a 12-day event – we make an astounding number of personal connections. When our approach is combined with these numbers, your brand growth is guaranteed.

Lakeside Events, Inc.: Your
Outsourcing Expert

Partnering with Lakeside Events, Inc. takes the stress of outreach off your shoulders. Tell us what you need, and we’ll cover the rest.

An Engaging Brand Message

Our team members breathe fresh energy into your brand’s message. From development through delivery, our solutions are tailored to meet your business’ unique needs.

Rapid Optimization

Once we launch your dynamic marketing campaign, we immediately begin assessing feedback and making ongoing improvements to ensure the best possible ROI for you.

Word-of-Mouth Impact

The Lakeside Events, Inc. approach stirs positive emotions in consumers, and they can’t help but talk about promoted products. Word spreads quickly and organically.

Our branding specialists collaborate in harmony to produce dynamic events.

Let’s get acquainted.